How To Choose Good Email Names – The Definitive Guide

This article of Geeabo teaches you How To Choose Good Email Names in 2020.

Email address is an essential thing when you are going to start your journey online.

Everybody needs a personal email address.

But due to a large crowd, it seems a bit tough.

If you also think so, then I want to make sure that after reading this guide, your thinking will change.

I created my first email address when I was in the 7th standard.

And still, I am using that email address almost everywhere.

If you also had a good Gmail name account that you deleted for some reason, then you can recover that deleted Gmail account.

Friends, I’m not going to write a lengthy article where I give you a lot of useless ideas as many others.

Here I am only writing that will genuinely help in choosing a good names for an email.

Honestly, there are only two ways to get good names for an email address.

  1. Using Email Service Providers (Free) and
  2. Domain-Specific Email (Paid).

Finding good names for an email via email service providers is a bit tough because a lot of users are already there.

But don’t be panic, I have some pro tips by which you can get a professional good email names.

And Domain-Specific Email is the easiest way to get good names for an email.

Because if you have a domain name, it is totally under your control that by which name you want to create the email.

Below I mentioned both ways in detail.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

Qualities of Good Email Names.

Nowadays, email is the best way to communicate with others.

It is more efficient than phone calls in most of the situations.

A majority of Americans using email as their primary business communication channel.

But the effectiveness of an email is limited by the effort put by its sender so, try to write correctly.

Many people start misusing email and sending spam messages to promote their business.

There are times when phone and face-to-face interactions are more efficient and productive.

But in most cases, email is a near-perfect medium for communication – as long as it is used properly.

The qualities of Good Email Names are –

1. Brief – A good email names should be concise.

While creating an email, it is better to put as much information in as few words as possible.

2. Clear – A good email names should be free from random numbers and prefixes like love, sweet, etc.

These prefixes are not useless but not suitable for professional use.

3. Summarizing – Your email should have some sort of summary to get things started.

It is appropriate to have a summary in your email name.

4. Polite and tone-appropriate – The words for a good email names are must be taken correctly.

They should be easy to pronounce and remember.

5. Consist of Brand – It is better to contain the first and last name in your email if you are creating for personal use.

These are the main qualities of a Good Email Names.

Let’s start with the next point, which is Email Service Providers. And after this, learn how to choose good email names.

Best Email Service Providers for Choosing Good Email Names.

Nowadays, there are many email service providers out there where you can create a free email account.

Some top brands list are:

  1. Gmail.
  2. Outlook.
  3. Yahoo Mail.
  4. Zoho Mail.
  5. AOL Mail.
  7. iCloud Mail.
  8. Yandex Mail.

Now, a question arises in mind that which email service should I choose.

Out of the above providers, Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail are the best.

As we all know that the most commonly used provider is Gmail.

So, I recommend you to find email names on Outlook because here you can find names easily.

If you succeed in finding email names on Gmail, then you can use it.

Out of all the Email Service Providers, I recommend only the first three because of their security and functionality.

However, if you don’t like my recommendation, feel free to try other options.

Tips for Choosing Good Email Names (For Personal and Business Use).

Personal Purpose.

The very first thing you need to implement on your email name is your name.

If your name is rare, then there is a chance to find your email address using this tip without checking the rest.

Start finding your email address:

Firstly, try the ideal format – where your name contains.

Example 1:


If you get success in finding your email address in this step, you are the luckiest one.

Secondly, use the initial character – where your name’s initial contains.

Example 2:


This method works for many persons.

So, try finding your email address using this tip.

Third, use your name as prefix – where your first and last name’s initial use as the prefix and suffix.

Example 3:


In all the above tips, I mentioned a few examples to give you some ideas.

Now you can create many different email addresses using the above tips.

Four – use salutations and occupation as a prefix.

If you are a doctor, engineer, chartered accountant, CEO or government employee, etc., you can use the prefix better.

And instead, if you are a normal person, you can still use salutations like Mr, Ms, Mrs, etc.



If none of these methods works for you, follow the next tip.

Business Purpose.

If you are looking for an email address for your business, it must have the brand name.

In comparison to Personal email addresses, the competition is quite less in finding Business emails.

This is because the business names are usually unique.

The reason behind is branding and copyright.

So, try these prefix and suffix.

Suppose the business name is Geeabo.



Friends, most of the businesses have their domain.

So, Domain-Specific Email is best for those.

Use these numbers to Create Good Email Names.

Use some numbers in your email address.

But make sure that after using numbers, the email address looks like a professional address.



I hope this method works for you.

And if not, try the next one Domain-Specific email address.

Domain-Specific email address (Personal Branding).

This is the best way to create email addresses for you and your business as well.

And if you are a blogger, then you always want to get a professional email address.



It gives a neat, clean and professional online identity.

My email address is “”.

You can also buy the domain of your name.



So, if you are serious about finding a professional online presence, buy a domain.

Keep these things in mind when choosing a personal email address.

  1. Keep in mind that even after 10 years, do not hesitate to use the name you are choosing now.
  2. Don’t use your boyfriends, girlfriends, relatives and pets name as prefix and suffix.
  3. As I earlier said that, don’t use words like innocent, handsome, pretty love, sweet, etc.

So, this was the Complete Guide to choose good email names.

I hope it helps you.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.

No matter whatever your comment is.

So, write your comment without any hesitation.

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