Geeabo – About to Being Ahead.

Hello friends, Welcome to the About section of Geeabo.

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Before get started, let’s know the reason for making this blog.

The reason for making this website is to make money, but more than that, sharing knowledge with you.

What you can find on Geeabo

  • Essential and Advanced SEO, WordPress and Blogging techniques.
  • Practical tips and tricks and guide on How to make your blog (Paid and Free) both.
  • Guide on how to write a proper article and make it viral.
  • How to increase your blog’s traffic.
  • Motivational articles and more.

Geeabo.com was started in July 2017.

We feel very grateful to help the people who always want to learn something new and something techy.

As earlier said that the purpose of making this website is to sharing knowledge with you.

We feel very proud after sharing the information with you.

About Swapnil Narayan.

Geeabo was founded by Swapnil Narayan, a passionate blogger by heart.

I created my first website on BlogSpot in 2008, when I was just 10.

At that time, I didn’t think to create my blog, I only created those for fun only.

After making so many free blogs, finally, I created this blog in 2017.

I created Geeabo to teach the lessons I learned along the way.

Here at Geeabo, I share everything about how to convert your blog into a business.

I provide some advanced tips and tricks to our subscribers and followers only about how to blogging and increase traffic.

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Bottom line in few Words.

The person who says that Blogging is very difficult and it is not an easy task to earn money from it.

I want to answer those people, If you gave time and mind to it then it is easy.

I hope, you liked this.

That’s it for now.