Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship – YouTube Alternative

This article of Geeabo tells you about top 10 Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship – YouTube Alternative.

Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship

YouTube, I think I don’t need to say anything about YouTube in front you.

But let’s know something about YouTube.

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California.

The service was created by three former PayPal employees – Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in February 2005.

Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion.

YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.

Whenever you listen to or talking about Videos. The first name comes in your mind YouTube.

And because YouTube is Google’s subsidiaries. So, It is very difficult to beat YouTube.

However, there’s something called “Censorship” that has put huge mass on the YouTube.

Do you know why I’m writing about Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship?

Because YouTube uses censorship.

And censorship, restriction and many other features make YouTube user-friendly to all the genders.

And at the same time, it has been less favorable for those who prefer raw, uncensored and uncut videos.

So, where do you see Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship?

So, let me tell you that there are many other YouTube Alternatives sites where no censorship and restriction exist.

Let’s get started.

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Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship – YouTube Alternative

Well, every other video sharing platform has some kind of rules and regulations.

However, here I’m going to mention some sites that bypass such things completely.

So, these are the Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship –

1. Dailymotion.


If you have heard about the Dailymotion for the first time then you can’t predict the traffic comes on it.

The website traffic is increasing tremendously.

This may be true that you have heard about Dailymotion for the first time but whenever you heard this word, it’s sound like pretty familiar.

If it is not YouTube, then it is definitely Dailymotion. The site comes in second place amongst the most popular video platforms online.

Dailymotion receives over 100 million visits per month.

2. Vimeo.


Vimeo is also the largest video sharing platform sites Like YouTube Without Censorship.

It might not be competing directly with YouTube. But the website has almost billions of views per year.

And the best part about this website is that there is not having annoying ads like YouTube.

Here you can host videos in the highest quality possible.

There are no ads before, during, or after your videos.

But there is some drawback too.

The website has a limit of 500 MB per week. Only when uploading videos and this is applicable for all users.

If you pay some money then you can upgrade the video limit, but that is only capped at 5 GB.

3. Metacafe.


The site was the first video platform on the web.

When it comes to original videos then Metacafe is awesome.

If you are looking for a no bullshit experience and when it comes to shortened clips then Metacafe is the best.

See, in the above line, I have written shortened clips.

You may say this is a drawback of Metacafe because Metacafe has a 90-second limit on its videos.

You can’t publish detailed videos on Metacafe.

But when it comes to shortened videos then there is no reason why you should not choose Metacafe.

4. Flickr.


Flickr is well known for photo-storing and sharing sites.

If you want to use Flickr as same as you use YouTube without censorship then you have to pay some money.

You can also upload your videos for free but here there is a limit of 90 seconds.

Uploading videos on Flickr are very easy and simple.

And beginners will always feel very happy when searching for a variety of content to stream.

If 90 seconds limit is not matters a lot in your case then there is no question that this Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship will become a favorite of yours in no time.

5. Vevo.


Vevo is an American multinational video hosting service.

It is a mixture of three big record companies, Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainment (SME) and Warner Music Group (WMG).

Vevo only hosts music videos.

If you love music videos, then you’d better bookmark Vevo on your browser.

Because this YouTube alternative will deliver to you fast, hard, and swiftly.


As you all know that there is a very popular website named Youtube.

But using this article I want to tell you that there are many other websites too like Youtube.

My main motive to write this article is to show you Sites Like Youtube without censorship.

Because Youtube has censorship and has some restriction.

But here I mention the top 5 sites which have no censorship.

There are some persons who still prefer raw, uncensored and uncut videos.

So, for those, this article will be helpful.

So, these are the Sites Like YouTube Without Censorship – YouTube Alternative.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article, then feel free to ask me in the comment box below.

After helping you, I feel very happy

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