How To Downgrade Windows 10 1803 to 1709

How To downgrade windows 10 1803 to 1709

This article of Geeabo teaches you about how to Downgrade Windows 10 1803 to 1709.

How To downgrade windows 10 1803 to 1709

This release of Windows may solve your all the errors. But if you are not happy with 1803 build, then you can easily go back to the previous version of Windows.

Because Windows has an option to Go back to the previous version of Windows 10.

Before head over to the process to downgrade windows 10 1803 to 1709.

Let’s know something about-

Windows 10.

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft.

It is the first Windows operating system that gets all the feature updates when Microsoft rolls out. The windows 10 PC gets security patches on the daily basis and features update gets once or twice in a year.

If you are also a Windows 10 user then I think you don’t need to use any antivirus on your PC. Because Windows 10 is the best windows when it comes to security.

If you are not using Windows 10 on your PC then I highly recommend you to use it. And I promise that after using Windows 10 you forget all the previous Operating Systems.

In my PC, I am using Windows 10 Home without any antivirus from the first release or from July 2015. And I didn’t face any problem till now.

As I tell that I am using Windows 10 from the last 3 years and I install and use all the features update for free. This is the best of this new Windows 10 operating system.

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How to Downgrade Windows 10 1803 to 1709

Follow the steps carefully to Downgrade Windows 10 1803 to 1709.

#1. Go to the setting (By pressing Windows Key + I).

Windows + I

#2. Now scroll down and go to Update & Security.


#3. Now click on Recovery option from the left sidebar of the Settings window.


#4. Here you can see an option to Go back to the previous version of Windows 10.

Go back to the previous version of Windows 10

#5. Simply click on Get Started button.

Get Started

#6. After click on Get Started button, it will open a new popup window. So, wait for a couple of seconds.

Take time

#7. Now Windows will ask you that Why are you going back? Windows ask these question in order to improve your experience. So, I recommend to you, please give the exact reason before going back.

#8. Simply choose the reasons or you can also write your experience and then click on Next.

Why are you going back

#9. After clicking on Next, a new popup window will open and said that Check for updates?

It may happen that after updating to the latest update your problem may fix.

#10. So, if you want to Check for updates before going back then click on Check for updates button or click on No thanks button to go ahead.

Check for updates

#11. After click on No thanks button, it will open a new window (What you need to know?). So, read the warning carefully and click on Next button to proceed.

What you need to know

#12. Now a new popup window will open with an important question.

If you don’t remember your old password which you use in 1709 build then don’t go back because you won’t be able to sign in to your PC without it.

So, only proceed if you remember your old password, then click on Next button to go to the last step.

Don't get locked out

#13. Now, at last, Windows will say that Thanks for trying this build.

#14. Now click on Go back to earlier build button.

Go back to the earlier build

#15. After click on Go back to earlier build button, your PC boots up and start going back.

This will take some time. So, simply wait until the PC completely rolled back. 🙂


So, if you found instability on your PC then by following these steps you can easily rollback Windows 10 to the previous version i.e. (1803 to 1709).

This is very easy to downgrade Windows 10 to 1803 to 1709.

Make sure that your all new applications were uninstalled when you rollback Windows 10 to the previous version.

Your files and folders are not be deleted in this process.

Once you start the process, you can’t stop it till finish.

15 steps which you need to follow to easily downgrade Windows 10 to 1803 to 1709.

So, this was the process to “Downgrade Windows 10 1803 to 1709“.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article, then feel free to ask me in the comment box below.

After helping you, I feel very happy.

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14 thoughts on “How To Downgrade Windows 10 1803 to 1709”

  1. And when you decide a couple of weeks later when the “Go back to earlier build” option no longer exists?

    1. Hey, Ian!
      Firstly, Thanks for the comment.
      If the “Go back to earlier build” option no longer exist then you can go back via boot mode.
      You can try pressing F11 to go to the boot mode when powering on the computer.
      Once you’re on Advanced startup menu, choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Go back to the previous build, and then follow the instruction which I mentioned in the article.

      1. John Inningrahm

        That still won’t work as windows automatically deletes the ‘old’ version, that you wish to downgrade to, after 10 days so save on space.

        1. Correct John – thanks to both of you.
          I just want to go back to 1709 without any nuclear options. Windows File Explorer has always had a quirky problem [on and off] when copying files [2-3 Gb] over a LAN from a STB.

          The program Q-Dir solved that issue. Now under Vers 1803 all the old file copy problems have returned along with a whole new one.

          0xC00D426A: Error reading from the network.%0

          Mr. Google offers nothing particularly useful.

  2. Hi Swapnil,
    Will the roll back to 1709 affect the applications installed after the the upgrade to 1803?

  3. And what do I have to do if i already roll back from 1803 to 1709 and now I want to upgrade (or roll back) from 1709 to 1803 ? Is it better to stay with 1709 ? When I roll back the first time it was because 1803 seems to have some bugs with my realtek audio driver but now i believe it’s fixed and maybe it’s better to return with the last version (1803) ??

    1. Hi, Guillaume!
      Every time when Microsoft gives updates or upgrades on your PC, the only reason behind this is to improve the user experience.
      And if your PC has some bugs with the latest version, you may wait for some days and after few days the company gives you a patch to fix the issue.
      But if you have some issues like you can’t work on your PC without fixing the particular problem then you can rollback or downgrade to the previous version of Windows.
      Hope you understand.
      If you have still some problem then you can ask again until your problem is not solved.

      1. Ok thanks i understand but if i want to Roll back to the « new/old » version 1803 the option is no more in the recovery to old version doesn’t appear and Windows make many update since i rollback to 1709 version but Nothing for 1803 version so what do ? i have to do reset my pc ?

        1. I can’t understand what you are trying to say?
          But if you want to Upgrade your Windows to the latest version that is 1803, then you can upgrade your Windows.

          1. I can’t when I go to Winows Update it gives me the last 1709 update and not 1803. I have the last update of 1709 BUT why or how can’t I have the 1803 update on my Pc ?

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