Add Google Analytics to WordPress to Increase Organic Traffic.

This article of Geeabo teaches you How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Without Plugin in just a few minutes.

For better understanding, read the article till the end.

It will only take 3 to 5 minutes.

So, lets started.

Friends, this article is especially to tell you about adding Google analytics to your WordPress Site.

But it is said that before doing anything, it’s better to know something about it.

So, let’s first know something about Google Analytics before adding it to WordPress.

What is Google Analytics?

In short, Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic.

After using Google Analytics for a long period like 3 to 6 months, it collects your organic data and helps you to increase your organic traffic.

This is a very useful tool.

And I recommend every bloggers to use Google Analytics.

See the next topic, Benefits of Google Analytics to know more advantages of it.

Benefits of adding Google Analytics to WordPress Blog?

There are so many advantages to add Google Analytics to WordPress Site.

Firstly, it helps you to optimize your search results.

It may also work as a premium tool to increase your blog’s value.

Now the question is – How?

Friends, this tool has a lot of data for your website.

After using it for a few days, so much data you can found regarding your website on Google Analytics.

By using this data, you can optimize your posts and pages very well.

This tool does not work automatically.

So, you have to look at each track and report of your site on Google Analytics.

And these data help you a lot to increase your ranking in search engines.

Now without any further delay, let’s know –

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress without Plugin?

I mentioned the whole procedure to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Site below.

  1. How to get the Analytics Code? and
  2. How to put it on WordPress?

So, now without talking about any other things, Let’s Get Started.

Follow the steps carefully.

Get Analytics Code.

Steps –

#1. Open a web browser, then type and then press Enter key.

Type in chrome

#2. After opening Google Analytics, click on the Admin option.

Analytics Home

#3. Now click on Tracking Code, which is under Tracking Info in Property Section.

Tracking Code

#4. Here you will see a tracking code. Just Copy it.

Copy Code

Put the Code on WordPress.

Steps –

#1. Log in to WordPress Dashboard.

#2. After login to WordPress, Click on Theme Editor under Appearance.

Theme Editor

#3. Now find the Theme Header (header.php) and then navigate to Head (<head></head>) tag.

Theme Header

#4. Now Paste the Code under Head (<head></head>) tag and then click on Update File.

Head Tag

So, this is the 2 to 3 minutes procedure to Add Google Analytics to WordPress without Plugin.

I hope it helps you.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.

No matter whatever your comment is.

So, write your comment without any hesitation.

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