LinkedIn Background Photo Tips to Engage Your Audience – 8 Secret

This article of Geeabo teaches about 8 LinkedIn Background Photo Tips to Engage Your Audience.

I think everyone is aware of this awesome great website LinkedIn.

Friends, In this article I will tell you about the 8 secrets LinkedIn Background Photo Tips to Engage Your Audience.

As it has been said that the first impression is the last impression and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Do you know why I’m saying the above line here?

Suppose, you went to a company for getting some job and now this is your turn to go for an interview.

In front of the interviewer, if you are not able to impress him then you can’t get the job.

Here it may be the reason behind this that the interviewer does not impress on you because of your personality, your body language, your dressing sense, etc.

And as you passed on all these qualities of a perfect man then they start your interview.

So, lets come to point. LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a prominent and leading social networking platform which can help you to find your dream job.

So, on LinkedIn when you are finding jobs then the recruiter will notice your display photo first.

If they like your profile photo or if you are able to impress the recruiter with your profile photo and background photo then they think about you.

If the recruiter likes your profile and background photo then they must open your profile and check your resume because a picture is worth a thousand words. ?

On the other hand suppose, if you have everything on you which I mentioned above such as-

Personality, Body language, Dressing sense, etc. and you do not have the sense to capture photos then everything is waste here.

I’m not saying that you can’t do anything. I just say that you do not impress the recruiter at first sight.

Hope you understand my point of view.

My intention is not to hurt anybody but this is true.

So, always be ready to impress anyone at first sight.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you everything about how do you keep the right LinkedIn background photo? Just stay with me, this article is all about LinkedIn Background Photo Tips.

LinkedIn Background Photo Tips to Engage Your Audience

I think I mentioned all your important question related to why I pay more attention to photos? while a photo is a photo. ?

But if you have still some questions related to this then please ask me in the comment box below.

A report states that 94% of the world recruiters verify for the selection of their candidates through the LinkedIn profile.

And friends, it’s not over, another research declared that having a LinkedIn background photo increase the chance of viewing your profile by 14 times.

Now, I think you understand all the things and why I say that a background photo matters a lot.

So, Let’s know –

These are the LinkedIn Background Photo Tips.

Hire a Professional Photographer.

Hire Professional Photographer

This is important but paid LinkedIn Background Photo Tips.

Now, I think a question arises in your mind that why hire a photographer? I know how to capture.

So, friends, It may be possible in some cases that you know that how to capture a photo.

And here one more thing without any doubt that hiring a professional photographer is quite expensive.

But this is also true that the return is pretty awesome.

So, If you want success quickly then you must hire a photographer.

But if hiring a professional photographer is not in your budget then try to find a guy in your friend circle who have a DSLR camera.

Nowadays it is very common to have a DSLR from one of your friends.

No problem if you do not have DSLR. Simply try some other tip from below. ?

Update the Pic Regularly.

Update The Pic Regularly

A very simple but important LinkedIn Background Photo Tips.

A very few people take this point seriously but in my opinion, this is the most important point.

Why I’m Saying this?

Because once you met with a person in your life whose DP in social media is very different in comparison to their real life.

In other words, You must face the situation, where you see someone’s photo and then you meet with the same person in the real life and you found completely different?
If yes, then you should have a very confusing perception about them or even you have enough doubts about their credibility.

So, Use your updated photo in your profile. Don’t use old photos. Such as 2 years, 3 years, 4 years old, etc.

Lastly, I recommend you to use Photo that looks like you.

Your Face Should Cover 60% of the Frame.

Your Face Should Cover 60% of the Frame

This is a very important LinkedIn Background Photo Tips that every pro photographer follows.

If you are not able to hire a professional photographer then you must follow this Tip for LinkedIn background photo.

I’m sharing this tip with you because it works a lot.

For these type of tasks and for more, a professional photographer charges a lot of money.

Your face must cover 60% of the Frame because in your LinkedIn photo you are very important.

Your photo must be clear, crisp and 60% of your face must be shown.

Adequate Use of Lights.

Adequate Use of Lights

Without this LinkedIn Background Photo Tips, your photography is incomplete.

Lightning is also a very important factor when we talk about photography or LinkedIn background photos.

Anytime whenever you go to a studio, you saw different types of lights.

A proper use of light makes a photo mediocre to champion.

When a photographer uses proper lights on your photo then there is a very less chance to look ugly.

I must recommend you the first point that hires a professional photographer.

It helps a lot with your photography.

But if you can’t here a professional photographer then you can also use some photo editing tools for the proper lighting.

Right Expression.

Right Expression

Don’t try to do anything more. Because you are the best in a simple way.

Give only those expression which shoots on you. : )

Because many time people destroy everything in doing something more.

Let’s assume, what if your recruiter sees your nostalgic or sad picture?

Does this affect the recruiter?

I think no.

Do you know why I’m saying don’t do anything more?

Here I only want to say that you need to act as normal as you are naturally.

A pretty smile is a key to impress anyone.

A right expression is the most important LinkedIn Background Photo Tips.

Well Dressed.

Well Dressed

Dressing the best is the key for LinkedIn background photos.

Here all of you will have a question in mind that-

How to dress well?

Which Clothes?

Which Colour? and more…

So, friends firstly this is not your Facebook page.

You need to do something awesome when you are capturing background photos for LinkedIn.

Here I’m not saying that you have to wear a Suit.

Here the phrase Well Dressed means just want to say ‘wear clothes properly’.

Wear the clothes which set on your body.

It should not be loose and not be too tight.

When you come to choosing colors then I recommend you to choose the light color of a plain shirt and any deep color of a plain trouser.

Hope you understand and learn something about dress.

Be Calm.

Be Calm

When someone capturing your photos, don’t try to do something extraordinary. Just be calm and simple as you are.

You have to think in your mind that I’m the best.

In the above paragraph, I mentioned a title ‘Right Expression’. If you have read the paragraph carefully then you must be remembered that I mention a line ‘Don’t try to do something more’. You can relate this point to above.

You have to look sincere. Because you are not here for getting only your targeted friend’s likes.

Here you uploaded your picture to impress the recruiter and get the job.

So, be calm and sincere.

Choose the Suitable Background.

Choose the Suitable Background

The background is one of the most important things in a photograph.

If you have done everything correctly and you are unable to set the proper background then all your hard work will be useless.

I hope you get my point.

One thing you must remember that whenever and anywhere when you are preparing for an interview then being simple and natural is the key to get success.

And mostly the chances are to get selected by the recruiter.

So, same here.

I recommend you to use light and a single color background.


So, as I mentioned above that LinkedIn is a prominent and leading social networking platform which can help you to find your dream job.

Here I mentioned almost all the important terms in which you can help you to build success in the online world.

Follow all the steps to get your dream job.

I know that hiring a professional photographer is quite expensive.

But this the most important term.

Friends, even without a little investment, you can’t success quickly.

So, invest some money to fulfill all of these criteria.

I assure you, you get success.

If you can’t hire a pro photographer then do a little course of this.

This will also help you.

So, these are the 8 LinkedIn Background Photo Tips to Engage Your Audience.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article, then feel free to ask me in the comment box below.

After helping you, I feel very happy.

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Thanks for your visit and I hope you will come again.

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