My Website Is Blocked | How To Get Unblocked On Facebook

This article of Geeabo teaches you How To Get Unblocked On Facebook.

My Website Is Blocked How To Get Unblocked On Facebook

Friends, if you are a newbie blogger and you have done some mistakes and by which your website URL is blocked by Facebook then how to unblock it.

Friends, When your website URL is blocked by Facebook just because you published a violent content according to Facebook guidelines or you share your website’s link many times in certain groups and the group admins report your website as spam and your link is blocked. This is very disappointing for any blogger because you all know that Facebook is one of the biggest platform to advertise products, share articles, etc.

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Question Is How To Get Unblocked On Facebook?

So guys, before sharing my trusted and verified method with you, I want to share you about my condition in short.

Friends, a few months ago my website was also blocked by Facebook due to excess sharing of my website’s link to get more and more no. of traffic. To be honest, by mistake I was shared the same link many times in some groups and I don’t know, why Facebook blocks my website out of these two.

  1. Due to excess sharing. or
  2. Spam report by group admins.

I was asked to many people that how to Get Unblocked On Facebook. But nobody answered me. Everybody says that there is no any solution for this problem, you need to change your domain name. Somebody says that there is a paid method for this, some one says that if once Facebook blocks then never unblock the website. And as I was getting these type of answer regarding my question, I was getting frustrated. Because this was the very disappointing news for me.

One day

I was sitting in the garden lonely and thinking about how to Get Unblocked On Facebook, Is there any solution? But my mind was not working because almost everybody was saying that there is no any solution for this. And after a while an old person came to me and said what happened?, why are you sad?. Then I replied that you will not understand, I’m in a problem which has no solution. Then he said that it may that I will not understand your problem but one thing I want to tell you that there must be a solution for every problem.

Now after spending some time my mind opened and I thought that no matter what was the reason behind blocking but one thing I was sure that my website is blocked by Facebook and only the Facebook can helps me to unblock it.

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My Website Is Blocked | How To Get Unblocked On Facebook

Friends, If your website is also blocked by Facebook due to the above reasons then simply follow my trusted and verified method to get rid from this prob.

To Get Unblocked On Facebook

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. After login, click on drop down menu button from top of the screen.
  3. Now click on Settings.
  4. Then click on Support Inbox option from the left sidebar.
  5. After click on Support inbox, you can see all your post which are removed by Facebook due to spam.
  6. Simply click on This isn’t Spam or IT’S NOT SPAM button.
  7. And then click on Continue.
  8. Do this for all your post.

After that wait for few days or a month, Facebook review your website and if they find your website is legal then they unblocks you.

If you want to give feedback to Facebook then simply follow this-

  1. Simply login to your Facebook account.
  2. Now tap on menu option from the top right side.
  3. Tap on Report a Problem. (It will open a new box with three options).
  4. Now simply tap on General Feedback (Tell us about your Facebook experience).
  5. Select Other in Product or Feature.
  6. Under Your Feedback box, describe everything about your problem in detail.
  7. And tap on send.

Note : Facebook will unblock you only when you are not against its policy.

After that wait for some days to read your feedback by Facebook.

So, this was my verified process to get unblocked from Facebook.

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25 thoughts on “My Website Is Blocked | How To Get Unblocked On Facebook

  1. I am having the same problem. I clicked on “This isn’t spam”. I’m patiently waiting for some weeks if my FB page and url will get unblocked

  2. My website is blocked by Facebook. Every time I try to post or promote my website they remove all the post.

    1. That means your website is still blocked.
      Can you elaborate why your website is blocked?
      And if you not violate Facebook’s terms and condition and by mistake Facebook blocked your website then give some time to Facebook, they review your site and if they find your site good (if you not violate Facebook’s T&C.) then they will unblocked you.
      Don’t Worry.

  3. Facebook blocked my site in just no reason. i’ve try the solution you list out. i hope it will work thanks anyway for your helpful article.

    1. Hi, Sujon!
      Just follow all the procedure which I mentioned in the Post.
      And give some time to Facebook to check.
      Hope your website get unblocked soon.
      If you have still some questions then ask me.

  4. I don’t have any posts in there to say it isn’t spam.
    I think I just deleted every post on my FB page that they claimed to have an issue with.
    I contacted to members in live chat and they said it looks like the site is malicious.
    This URL will remain blocked for now.
    I don’t have any further information for you about this but at this current time, it will remain blocked.
    It has been blocked for under a month but they refuse to tell me the exact cause.
    I just don’t know what to do.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ravi!
      Firstly, this is not just a trick.
      This is the legal, genuine method to unlock your website on Facebook.
      My recommendation to you that don’t be impatient.
      If Facebook found everything okay on your website then Facebook will definitely help you and unlock your website.

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