Top 20 High PR Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites

This article of Geeabo tells you about Top 20 High PR Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites.

Friends, if you have a blog or website then you must be wanted to rank your business higher in the search engines.

But why you can’t?

What is the reason behind this?

And How to rank higher in Search Engine?

I will tell each and every thing further.

Guys, Directory Submission, matters a lot in achieving success in the online world.

Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites are those sites which approve your submission very fast.

It is also called fast approval directory sites.

Generally, directory submission sites give do-follow back-links and it helps a lot in search engine ranking.

Most of the bloggers are not aware of these sites.

But these sites are very helpful. And these sites are almost free.

Directory submission sites are those sites, from where you can get back-links.

Friends, as I mentioned in my previous articles that back-links are the most important factor when we think about ranking on search engines.

These are the mistakes which most of the newbie bloggers do.

So friends, read this before submitting your site to any directory.

  • Check the site status like – domain authority, page rank, secure or not, etc.
  • Don’t submit more than one link.
  • Choose your category carefully.
  • Write your title and description with keywords.
  • Read the attention message before submitting.

Top 20 High PR Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites

  1. Submission Web Directory.
  2. USA Listing Directory.
  3. The SEO King.
  4. Submit Link.
  5. High Rank Directory.
  6. Site Promotion Directory.
  7. Dizila.
  8. Bing Directory.
  9. Business Free Directory.
  10. Class Directory.
  11. Free SEO Link.
  12. Family Dir.
  13. Popular Directory.
  14. Bhanvad.
  15. ABC-Directory.
  16. GVA Directory.
  17. Britain Business Directory.
  18. Afunnydir.
  19. Jayde.
  20. Picktu.


The purpose of this article is to get rank your site in the search engine.

And generally, there are two ways to do this.

  1. By getting Dofollow links.
  2. By getting Nofollow links.

There are some differences between Dofollow and Nofollow links.

Here, almost all are High PR and Dofollow directory submission sites which I mentioned above.

So, If you also want to rank your website quickly, If you want to get success in the online world then please submit your site in these sites.


So, this was the list of Top 20 High PR Instant Approval Directory Submission Sites.

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