Why No Data Sites Linking Showing ALEXA Toolbar

Many newbie blogger thinks that how to create Backlinks. I am also very new in this field but friends what I know, I want to share with you. Now there is a question that If I was commenting on someone else blog and he approve the comment but No Data Sites Linking Showing ALEXA Toolbar. Now the question is that if someone approve our comment then why No Data Sites Linking Showing ALEXA?

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What is Backlinks?

This is very important question that what is Backlinks? We are always listening about backlinks when we talking about SEO. As simple as that Backlinks are the upcoming links to someones webpage. When a website is link with any other webpage then that is called backlinks. So if we have higher the backlinks then our website ranks higher in almost every search engines.

Friends, I don’t want to write this article too big so I will try to tell you everything in short and I think you get that.

What are the advantages of create Backlinks?

Here I only mention some important advantages of create Backlinks.

  1. It improves your organic search.
  2. Backlinks helps you in fast indexing of your site.
  3. By creating Backlinks it helps in bringing referral traffic. (Referral traffic are those traffic which are comes through a link of another blog not comes from the search engine).

No Data Sites Linking Showing ALEXA Toolbar.

First of all friends, If Your site isn’t ranked by ALEXA yet, so just work on building traffic and do better SEO for your posts. Once the traffic comes, ALEXA will automatically notice. What I know about this, I fully try to tell you. Friends there is some reason behind No Data Sites Linking Showing ALEXA.

  1. Your Website is New. – You recently purchase a website and want to see Sites Linking Showing ALEXA. It takes some time minimum one month.
  2. Site Links are displayed on a quarterly basis. So wait till your site is at least one month old.
  3. Do not panic, be patient – Start commenting to someone else blogs like ShoutMeLoud.
  4. Start submitting your site to web directories.
  5. Start Writing guest post for backlinks it helps you most.

Friends at last I want to tell you that if you start a website please give some time to it. And one thing more that There is no such work in the world, after which you can get rich overnight.

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