How to Use Paytm Wallet to Make Online Payments

This article of Geeabo teaches you How to Use Paytm Wallet to Make Online Payments.

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What is Paytm?

Paytm is an Indian electronic payment and e-commerce company. It is the India’s largest mobile commerce platform. When it was started only the mobile recharges and utility bill payments was done through it. But now a day’s Paytm offers a full market place to its customers through the mobile app and website.

Paytm is founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, a man from Delhi. Paytm is owned by One97 Communications and it is a digital payment platform that allows you to transfer cash into the Paytm wallet via internet banking, credit cards and debit cards. Using the money in the Paytm wallet, you can pay for a number of goods without using cash. Paytm is a digital wallet in which you can keep your money just the way you keep money in your purse and spend it when you need it.

Paytm wallet users are increasing day by day significantly after the demonetisation. And the main reason of increase in Paytm users is to accept it at all the places approximately. You can use Paytm services on its website or its mobile app. Paytm works on your mobile number i.e. if you have a Paytm account then anyone can send you money to that number just like this you can also send money to someone’s Paytm number.
So I think now you all know that what Paytm is after reading the above post.

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How to Use Paytm Wallet to Make Online Payments

You can make your transaction from mobile app and also from the website.
Now in this post I will tell you transactions from your mobile app.

1. You should go to Play store in your android phone and app store in iPhone now download, install and open it.

How to Use Paytm - Full Guide for Beginner Start

2. After opening it first choose your language and tap on continue

3. Now you come to the Login to Paytm window.

4. If you have already a Paytm account then simply write your Registered Paytm Mobile Number and password and tap on Login Securely.

5. Now if you do not have a Paytm account then you need to Create a New Account first, or you can also login with your Gmail account or Facebook account.

6. If you want to Create a New Account then simply go to the bottom of the page and now click on Create a New Account.
7. After clicking on Create a new account you will come to a new window named Create a new Paytm account.

8. After that simply put your mobile number and then create Paytm password (minimum 6 character, at least 1 number included) you can also put your email id in the last text field but this one is optional.

9. After filling all the details click on create a new account button now you will get a message from Paytm with your one time verification code OTP now put your 6 digit OTP in your phone then click on verify.

10. And now you successfully create your account and now you will automatically come to the Home page of Paytm.

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How to add money in Paytm.

Now the essential thing of Paytm is to money in it.
Now the question is how to add money in Paytm

You can add money in Paytm via internet banking, debit card or credit card by tapping on Add Money in Home Page.
Means, if you use ATM card, then you can add money to it.
For this, you need to click on add money in the Paytm app and fill all the details asked there.
Such as amount, ATM card number, expiry date, CVV or internet banking details.

After this add money to it.

You will get an OTP from your bank in your registered mobile number which you have to confirm by entering it.
Using this way you can add money to Paytm. If you do not have an internet banking or ATM card then you can ask a friend to send money to your Paytm wallet. After you add money to Paytm, you can use it in a number of ways.
For example, mobile recharge, electric bill or even send money to anyone.
You can also pay for prepaid / postpaid mobile recharges, electricity bill, dth recharges, land line bill, metro, broadband, gas, insurance, water, petrol, challan, delhi metro ticket, etc.
And many more.

So, this was the process to Use Paytm Wallet to Make Online Payments

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