A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use BHIM App Cashless Payment System

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use BHIM App Cashless Payment System

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How to Use BHIM App Cashless Payment System

Lets Come To The Point
First of all we need to know that What is BHIM App?, Is BHIM App reliable?, How to use BHIM App?, Is there any problem in using BHIM App?, etc.

So, First of all, You need to stop thinking that there will be any problem with BHIM App.
It has been created by the government’s supervision and it is a government official App for Cashless Payment System.
So there is nothing to fear. You can trust BHIM App with your closed eyes.

I think that after reading the above things, your all questions and doubts have been cleared.

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What is BHIM App? and How to Use BHIM App Cashless Payment System.

Let everyone know that BHIM’s full name is Bharat Interface For Money. BHIM app works on UPI (Unified Payment Interface). UPI is a payment system through which you can send or receive money from your phone between two bank accounts. Through this app, people can exchange money in a digital way like Paytm and Freecharge.
And it was only be possible because of our Respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.
The most important thing about this app is that it will work without internet as well.
And In order to exchange money, there will be no need to repeatedly mention the details like Bank Account Number and IFSC code. etc.
For this, You only have to register your bank account and it will automatically generate your UPI and then your mobile number will be enough for exchange of money.

How to Use BHIM App Cashless Payment System.

After reading the above things, You may know that what is  BHIM App.
So let’s know that how to use BHIM App.

Follow the steps carefully.

Firstly, You need to open Google Play Store in your Android and Search BHIM and download and install it.

Now open BHIM App.

Choose Language.

After choosing language you will come to the welcome screen of BHIM App click NEXT.

Now you will come to the Secure Simple Superfast screen simply click on NEXT.

After that you can see Allow us to access screen simply click on LET’S GET STARTED.

After clicking on LET’S GET STARTED button you will come to the Select Mobile Type Screen

Now click on SINGLE SIM or DUAL SIM option that you have.

After that verify your mobile no and click on NEXT
Now your mobile receive a SMS
Here you can see that your Mobile Verified.

Enter Your Passcode.

Here You will come to the Home page of BHIM App

Here you can see that there is two sections first is Transfer Money :- Send, Request, Scan & Pay.
Second is My Information :- Transactions, Profile, Bank Account, My Beneficiaries.
Now If you want to send Money to someone tap on send button

Now enter Your Mobile Number Ex. : [email protected]

Simply tap on PAY and Enter UPI Pin

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