How To Update Android Phone Software – Full Guide

How To Update Android Phone Software. Friends, as we all know that Android operating system is the biggest platform for smartphones. Except Apple and Microsoft, almost every smartphones brand uses android operating system on their smartphones.

What is Update?

Friends, If you think that update means Android version update, then you are wrong. If you used Marshmallow in your phone a few days ago and now you are using the Nougat version of android, then this will not be called update.

Let me tell you the actual meaning of Update

Updates are not the specific software. A smartphone company provides the update only to modify the pre-existing installation. You can also say that an update modifies your current software version. You can also called it patches.

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Update Android Phone Software

How To Update Android Phone Software

Friends, Update an Android phone is quite easy and simple. So, without wasting any more time….
Let’s Get Started.


#Step 1. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network.


#Step 2. Go to the phones Settings.

#Step 3. Tap on the About device.

about device

#Step 4. Now tap on Software Update.

#Step 5. Tap on Check for updates.

Software update

#Step 6. If the update is available then download the update or if not then do it after some days.


#Step 7. After the download is completed, tap on install now and make sure that your battery must be charged at least 50%

Now Done. 🙂

So friends, this was the whole process To Update Android Phone Software

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