How To Tweet On Twitter From 140 To 280 Characters

This article of Geeabo teaches you How to Tweet On Twitter From 140 To 280 Characters.

Doubling 140 to 280 🙂

Friends, as you know that you can tweet on twitter in only 140 characters. But now the limit of 140 characters is increased to 280 characters. Now you can write your tweet in 280 characters in place of 140. This feature is a very new for Twitter users. Currently this feature is being under testing. And this feature has been reported by the company’s CO-Founder Jack Dorsey by tweeting a tweet of 280 characters.

If you also want to write a tweet in 280 character then you do not need to wait for this.

tweet on Twitter from 140 to 280 Characters


How To Tweet On Twitter From 140 To 280 Characters

You can tweet in 280 characters on Twitter by changing some settings on your Twitter account or by using the Chrome extension. Now I’m tell you with tweet in 280 character using Chrome extension.

Note – Now this feature only works in PCs or Laptops. You cant tweet in 280 character via your iPhone or Android device.


#Step 1. Open Chrome browser and search Tampermonkey or Simply Click Here to download the extension.

Extention Add to Chrome

#Step 2. Go to This Link and copy the code.

Copy Codes

#Step 3. Now click on Tampermonkey extension on the right side of the chrome browser then click on create a new script.

Create New Script

#Step 4. Paste the code then click on save icon.

Paste and Save

#Step 5. Now login to your Twitter account.

#Step 6. Now come to the Twitter handle tab and write your tweet in 280 characters. 🙂

If you are having the problem then try this method again and refresh the twitter handle tab. After refreshing you get a notification in your Tampermonkey extension. It means now you can tweet in 280 characters.

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