How To Turn Off Windows Updates In Windows 10

This article of Geeabo teaches you about How to Turn Off Windows Updates in Windows 10.

How To Turn Off Windows Updates In Windows 10


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Friends, as you all know that Windows 10 is the best Windows OS but there is a problem in it that you cannot stop Windows Update. If you do not have sufficient internet data balance and your PC needs an update and at the same time you have some work with your PC, you will not be able to do your work. Because your all rest data consumed in your Windows Update. If you do not have at least 4-5 GB then you can’t use your PC for your work.

In the previous version of Windows, you had few options to stop and manage Windows Updates from Control Panel. But in Windows 10 you do not have such options like this.

  1. Install updates automatically (Recommended)
  2. Download Updates but choose when to install them
  3. Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them
  4. Never check for updates (Not Recommended)

But in Windows 10 you do not have such an option to manage or stop Windows Updates.

What is the solution?

Friends, do not be panic because I have a perfect solution for your problem. Now you can stop Windows Update if you have not clicked on check for updates yet.

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How To Turn Off Windows Updates In Windows 10

Follow the 8 easy steps to Turn Off Windows Updates In Windows 10.

  1. Go to Start or Cortana and search for “Control Panel“.

  2. Now click on View By: and select Large icons.

  3. Move your cursor and click on Administrative tools.

  4. Double click on services shortcut icon.

  5. After click on services shortcut icon, it will open a new window.

  6. Now scroll down and search for Windows Update.

  7. Double click on Windows Update, it will open a new window (Windows Update Properties).

  1. Now in general tab, click on Startup type and select Disabled.

So, after follow these 8 steps you can stop windows 10 update completely. These steps are very easy and every body can do this. And if you still facing prob then you leave us a comment.

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So, this was the procedure to Turn Off Windows Updates In Windows 10.

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