How To Set Caller Tune In Jio Sim For Free (With Pictures)

This article of Geeabo teaches you How To Set Caller Tune In Jio.

Set Caller Tune In Jio

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As we all know that Jio is moving forward very quickly in the field of telecommunication day by day in the market. Because of their strong and affordable plans. Like – Happy New Year Offer, Jio Summer Surprise Offer, Jio Dhan Dana Dhan Offer, etc.
Nowadays Jio is the biggest telecommunication company of India. When Jio was started, Jio had offered a lot of free plans to its customers.

How To Set Caller Tune In Jio

Simply follow the steps to set caller tune in Jio.

#1. Go to Google Play Store in your android phone or if you are using an iPhone then Go to App Store and search “Jio Music” download and install it. Now after installing completely open it.

Go To Play Store and Download Jio Music

#2. After Opening Jio Music enter your Jio ID and Password or tap on Skip to Login.

Skip To Login

#3. Now Select your language and click on Done. After click on Done you will come to the Home page of Jio Music.

Select Language And Home Screen

#4. Now search the song which you want to set caller tune in Jio number.

#5. After your song appears on the screen click on the three dot drop down menu from the right side and click on Set as Jio Tune.

Set as Jio Tune

#6. Now again click on Set as Jio Tune then simply go back and close the app and enjoy.

Set as JioTune

If this method does not work then try the alternative methods to set caller tune in Jio.

You can also set caller tune in Jio by sending an SMS “JT” to 56789.
After sending the message, you will get a SMS from Reliance Jio in reference to your request. Read the SMS carefully and follow the instruction step by step.
By doing this you may also set caller tune in Jio.

So this was whole process To Set Caller Tune In Jio.

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