How To Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges

This article of Geeabo teaches you How To Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges.

How To Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges


Many people are upset to this problem (Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges) and they ask me again and again that please write an article about transferring Paytm wallet money to Bank account without any charges.

So, I decided to write a clear, easy to understand for everyone and the official method to transfer Paytm wallet money to the bank without charges.

Friends, as per the RBI rule, everybody has to pay 3% fee if you are sending Paytm wallet money to bank account.

But friends, this is a huge problem for every shopkeepers, merchants and common man who accepts money in Paytm wallet.

Because suppose if a shopkeeper sells their products of rupees 10,000 and accepts money in Paytm wallet and after some days if he/she want to transfer the money to the bank then he/she has to pay 3% fee means Rs. 300 on 10,000 thousand.

Friends, this rule of Paytm or RBI not going to the side of merchants.

And that’s why they have to face many difficulties in selling their products with Paytm money.

And they are making very little profit and some time they sell their products without any profit.

So, looking at this problem of everybody and especially merchants Paytm launches the new service named Paytm For Business.

Under this service, you can Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges.

Friends, as I know that a few months ago nobody has to pay any fees on transferring Paytm wallet money to Bank A/c.

Even today, there are some Paytm users who do not charge any fees in transferring from Paytm Wallet money to the bank.

I felt something wrong.

And due to this discrimination, one day I called to the Paytm customer care executive and ask him that why some people have to pay 3% fees on transferring Paytm Wallet money to the bank and some do not.

Then he told me that sorry for this sir.

We are continually working on it and almost 90% peoples are paying 3% interest as per RBI rule.

We know that there are a few 10% users who do not have to pay 3% interest.

But as per Paytm executive in the few coming days, they will also be charged.

So, don’t worry rule is the rule. It may take some time to run in a proper manner.

Who are verified users?

Verified users are those who completed the KYC process.

In other words, those users who Sign Up on Paytm and submitted their identity proof for the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification.

Nowadays it is compulsory to upgrade your account.

What are the benefits of Verification or Upgrading your Paytm Wallet?

According to Paytm-

Upgrading your Paytm Wallet is the gateway to a get some special features and offers provided by Paytm.

This upgrade ensures that the cash-backs you earn by shopping/ recharging at won’t ever get stuck/delayed because of wallet limits.

Say goodbye to notifications like “Wallet transaction limit exceeded”!

You deserve a hassle-free mobile shopping experience.

Thanks to your Paytm Wallet!

If you don’t have an upgraded Paytm Wallet account yet, then you can only do transactions worth Rs. 10,000/- in a month.

Hence it limits the spending capability of your frequent online shopping through your Paytm Wallet.

Your Benefits

1) You get access to a range of fantastic offers from Paytm with attractive Paytm Cash!

Here is the scenario that you could have experienced — Planning to watch a movie?

How about getting some exclusive Paytm Cash offers on booking movie tickets through your upgraded Paytm Wallet?

2) Faster processing of your Paytm Cash! How cool is that?

Get your Paytm Cash super fast as your upgraded wallet limit is extended to receive the amount.

Imagine — Our 50% Paytm Cash offer on a high-end smartphone on the Paytm App catches your attention.

The moment you pay for it, the Paytm Cash will be credited back into your Paytm wallet in the same month.

3) Enjoy recharges, bill payments and shopping at Paytm and many other partners like Uber, BookMyShow, Foodpanda, MakeMyTrip and many more for Rs. 1, 00, 000 as it is your monthly Wallet transaction limit!

Figure yourself in a situation like this — You just spotted the latest high-end DSLR camera on Paytm website to capture your next Goa trip.

Being a Paytm upgraded wallet customer you can easily pay for it through your wallet in one go.

4) Exclusive access to frequent special offers from Paytm partners like Uber, Foodpanda, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip and many more.

Did you know? — Paytm has this unique synergy with its awesome partners like Uber, Foodpanda, BookMyShow, MakeMyTrip and many more, which keep rolling out exclusive offers only for upgraded Paytm wallet account users.

Upgrading your Paytm Wallet is one-time effort and once you upgrade it you can enjoy shopping online without any hassle with your simple & incredible Paytm Wallet.

Who are Non-Verified users?

Those users who sign up on Paytm with their mobile number and not submitted any Identity Proof.

According to the latest guidelines of RBI, such users are not able to add money in Paytm Bank and also not able to send money to other users.

Yes, You can use your Paytm wallet money without any prob.

How to get your KYC done and be a verified user?

There are two ways to get verified

  • Request for an agent visit.
  • Visit the nearest Paytm KYC center.

So, now without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

How To Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges.

As I mentioned above in this article that you can do this by creating an account on Paytm for Business.

You can only do this if you are a Verified User of Paytm. If you are not done your KYC then-

  • Request for an agent visit. Or
  • Visit the nearest Paytm KYC center to get your KYC done.

This is the easiest way to Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges.

Now after getting your KYC done and being a verified Paytm user then

Follow the steps carefully to Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges.

#1. Open Google Play Store and Install the app Paytm for Business Or Visit

Paytm Business Website

#2. Now Log In with your Paytm account.

Paytm Business Login

#3. Now choose any one option. In this case, I selected Mobile payments at your store.

Sign Up for Business

#4. After that tap on Get your Paytm QR code button.

Get Your Paytm QR Code

#5. Now after click on Get your Paytm QR code button it will open a new window. So, now fill up a simple online form and click on Next.

Paytm Business Form

Here you have to fill out some simple details like-

  • Your Name.
  • Mobile Number.
  • Email ID (Optional).
  • Your Shop Name.
  • Business Category.
  • Business Sub-category.
  • Address.
  • Pin Code.
  • About your Business in short (Optional)
  • Monthly turn over. etc.

#6. After filling the form correctly and clicking on Next button, Paytm will give you a Paytm sticker (Bar code) INSTANTLY that you can download and/or print and stick on the wall or anywhere which you want in your store.

So, that your customer can easily pay to you.

Now done.

Sometime it may happen while doing this process, or after doing this process no barcode is shown in Paytm for the Business app and says Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you filled the form correctly then you do not need to worry. Paytm will solve the error in the next 24 hours.

And If your problem is still appearing then you may call to the Paytm Customer care executive.

One more important thing that if you received payments in Paytm for the Business app then the money will not be added in your Paytm for Business app instantly. It takes 24 hours. So, don’t worry about this too. 🙂

Automatic next day settlement in your bank account.

So, this was the official way to Send Paytm Money To Bank Without Charges.

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