How To Restore Android Phone From Backup (with Pictures)

This article of Geeabo teaches you How To Restore Android Phone From Backup.

Restore Android Phone From Backup

Guy’s, If you are a high-end user of android then creating backup is very important for you. Because, suppose when you are trying flash a custom rom in your android device and because of some reason your flashing is not done completely and your phone becomes a box at that time backup of your phone does a lot to bring your phone back to normal.

So, before flashing custom rom or doing something risky that your phone manufacturer do not allow you, I recommend you create a backup of your android. Because in case if anything goes wrong, then you can easily Restore Android Phone From Backup which you have created earlier.

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How To Restore Android Phone From Backup

Simply follow the few steps to Restore Android Phone From Backup.

1. Reboot your android phone into recovery mode.

TWRP Recovery

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2. Now tap on Restore button.


3. After taping Restore button this will open new screen where you have to choose your backup file which you want to restore and which you have created earlier.

Choose backup

4. Now after choosing the backup file simply tap on Swipe to restore.

Swipe to restore

5. Wait for a couple of minutes to restore android phone from backup.

So this was the whole process to Restore Android Phone From Backup.

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