How To Reset Almost Every Android Phone (With Pictures)

How To Reset Almost Every Android PhoneGenerally you reset or restore your android phone because –

  1. Your phone not runs well.
  2. You want a fresh start.
  3. You want to fix some issue.

If you are resetting your android device to fix some issues occurs in your android then I recommend you please try some other ways to fix it. Resetting is the last option in your hand. So, before trying the last option try some other solution to fix the issue.

How often can we reset our android phone?

You should not factory reset your android phone repeatedly (means more that 10 or 20 times) because it is affects your phone’s memory. You are erasing storage again and again which will damage the hardware. Try finding a easier solution if there is any issue in your phone. Factory reset is for extreme cases.

How To Reset Almost Every Android Phone (With Pictures)

There is two official way to reset your android phone.

  1. Factory Reset.
  2. Hard Reset.

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Steps for Factory Reset.

#Step 1. Go to Settings > Scroll Down and click on Backup & Reset.

backup reset

#Step 2. Now click on Factory data reset (Erase all data on phone).

Factory data reset

#Step 3. Here you can see a check box says Erase internal sd card. Tick the check box if you want to erase all the data on the internal sd card, such as music, photos or files.

erase internal sd card

#Step 4. Now click on Reset phone button.

Reset Phone

#Step 5. At last it will ask you to Reset? Erase all your personal information and downloaded apps? You can’t reverse this action! Simply click on Erase everything button.

Erase Everything

Now wait for a couple of minutes and your phone will be reset. 🙂

Steps for Hard Reset.

#Step 1. Power off your android phone and wait for 5 to 10 seconds so that your phone gets off properly.

#Step 2. Open Recovery mode by pressing the buttons in your phone. If you don’t know to enter to the recovery mode then go to “ or” and search your phone using model no. or name.

#Step 3. If a black screen appears here and it is written on it that press the Volume Up key to go to Recovery mode and Volume Down key to go to Factory Mode then simply press the volume up key and go to the recovery mode.

#Step 4. After come to the recovery mode press volume down key to go to wipe data/factory reset and now press power button.

#Step 5. Here again press volume down button to go to Yes — delete all data then click on power button.

Again Now wait for a couple of minutes and your phone will be reset. 🙂

So friends, this was the whole process To Reset Almost Every Android Phone.

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