How Do I Renew Domain Hosting Package – Hostgator

This article of Geeabo teaches you about How to Renew Domain Hosting Package Using Hostgator.

How Do I Renew Domain Hosting Package - Hostgator

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Friends, if you are doing this first time, you may face some problems in the payment for the renewal of your domain hosting. Even I was also faced the problem, when I go to payment of my domain hosting first time.

The reason behind writing this article is when I can face the problem then you may also and even anyone can face the problem.

So, after reading this, you never ever have any confusion in your mind about this domain hosting payment.

So, without wasting any time. Let’s Started.

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How Do I Renew Domain Hosting Package

Follow the few easy steps to Renew Domain Hosting.

  1. Go to the Hostgator Customer Login page.

  2. Enter your e-mail address and password and click on login button. Sometime when you click on login button it will redirect you to the Main page of Hostgator. So, if this happens then simply click on My Account button from the top right of the screen.

  3. After login you will come to the Welcome page.

  4. Now go to Manage orders menu and click on List/Search Orders.

  5. Here you can see your packages which you uses with expiry dates.

  6. Now simply click on the product which you want to renew.

  7. Click on Renew button in front of the product which you want to renew.

  8. It will open a new window with different plans. So, simply choose the plan according to your budget or you like then click on Renew order button.

  9. After that it will open a new page with some online and offline options. So, now choose Net-banking/Debit Cards/Credit Cards option under Pay Online and click on Continue button.

  1. Now select your payment mode (Credit Card/Debit Card/Net-banking, etc.). So, in this tutorial I pay using my debit card.

  2. Choose your Debit card type and enter all the details including – card number, expiry date, cvv. After enter all the details then click on Make Payment.

  3. Now you will come to the bank OTP (One Time Password) page. So, simply enter the OTP and click on Make Payment.

Hope your payment will be done successfully. And you will get Invoice/Debit-Note Paid Successfully message.

So, this was the steps to Renew Domain Hosting Package of Hostgator.

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