How To Remove Uninstalled Apps From Google Account

How To Remove Uninstalled Apps From Google Account. Whenever you install an app from your google play store then each and every app which you install in your android device will be saved in your google account.

As we all know that Google provides a lot of services. And Friends, all the google services works with a single Google account and one thing more I want to tell you that Google notice everything what you are browsing in your browser, what you watch on YouTube and everything. So don’t do anything that makes you feel embarrassed later.

Too many people thinks that Internet is only just WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but friends Internet is not just Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Internet is much more than this.

I am not scared you. I just want to tell you that be careful all the time while you are using Internet.

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How To Remove Uninstalled Apps From Google Account

You can easily remove an app from your google account using your android device.

So, Let’s Get Started.. 🙂


#Step 1. Open the Google Play Store in your android device.

Play Store

#Step 2. Now tap on the three dot menu from the top left of the screen.

Three Dot menu#Step 3. Click on the second option “My apps & games”.

My apps & games

#Step 4. Now click on the third option that is “Library”. Here you can see all the apps which you install earlier by using the particular google account. And here you can see a cross mark next to the each app. Simply click on the cross “×” mark in next to the app which you want to remove from your google account.


#Step 5. Now It will ask you to remove …… from My Apps & Games ? Simply click on” OK”.


And here you can see that your app is removing. 🙂


So friends, this was the whole process To Remove Uninstalled Apps From Google Account.

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