Reliance Jio Phone Launched – Plans and Availability

Reliance Jio Phone Launched

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Lets Know Everything About Reliance Jio Phone.

Reliance Jio

Friends so today, I will tell you about Reliance Jio first feature Phone.
From many Rumors it was coming out that the price of the phone would be 500, 1000, 1500, 2000.
But friends Jio launched their phone for free.
You do not have to pay a single rupee for this phone, but to take this phone, you have to give 1500 rupees which will be a refundable deposit.

If you wish, you can return this phone after three years and take your money back.
And if you want to keep this phone forever, then forget about 1500 rupees.
Friends, If you want to buy this phone then you will have to book this phone.
Pre-booking starts from 24th August.
To book this phone you will have to go to Jio stores and you can book this phone also from your My Jio App.
And friends, Jio promised that they will make 5 million phones every month.
Friends, the one more fact also come out that some of the beta testers may get this phone from August 15.
But the general public may start getting this phone from September or October who pre-booked.

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Reliance Jio Phone – Price & Plans.

Friends, I know that you will have a lot of questions.
Today I will try to answer your all questions.

  1. Price – As I told you earlier that the price of the phone is ₹ 0 but you have to pay ₹ 1500 as a refundable deposit. And if you want to get your money back then you can. By returning the Phone after 3 years.
  2. Plans – There is so many plans like ₹ 24 for 2 days, ₹ 54 for a week, ₹ 153 for a month, and ₹ 309 is also for a month. Now if you recharge with ₹ 153 then you get 500 MB high speed data + unlimited per day, unlimited voice calls, unlimited SMS. And if you recharge with ₹ 309 then you get 1 GB high speed data per day and rest the same.
  3. Is 500 MB data less? – I think 500 MB data is not less for the Jio Phone. Because the screen of this phone is very small 2.4 inch that is QVGA and the bandwidth is low that’s why in compare to today’s smartphones it consumes very less data.

Reliance Jio Phone – Software & Hardware.

  1. Hotspot – Many models of Jio Phone are coming. So, some models may have come with hotspot and some do not. But nowadays you will not get a Jio Phone with hotspot. May you use hotspot in Jio Phone in future.
  2. Dual Sim – Yes, Jio Phone come with dual sim. First SIM slot will be for Jio SIM and in the second one you can put any SIM.
  3. OS – Jio Phone comes with Firefox based OS. In this OS You will get Youtube App, Facebook App, Jio TV App, etc. But Now you will not get Whatsapp but may be get in future.
  4. Voice Assistant – A very simple voice assistant. Not like Google Assistant or Cortana.
  5. Jio TV – Cable? – If you want to use your phone to connect in your TV. Then you have to buy a hardware device to connect. And you must recharge with ₹ 309 to use this TV feature.

Note :- You can not watching TV serials in TV more than 3 or 4 hours because of there just 1 GB High Speed data per day.

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