What Is Optical Image Stabilization – What Can OIS Do

This article of Geeabo teaches you that What Is Optical Image Stabilization – What Can OIS Do

Optical Image Stabilization

If you are talking about cameras and specially when talking about smartphone’s camera then you must wanted to know about the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) feature.

Friends, Nowadays this feature comes with almost all the flagship Smartphones. This feature first comes in the Nokia Lumia 920. Optical Image Stabilization is an advance feature that is used in the high-end Smartphones.

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What Is Optical Image Stabilization -What Can OIS Do?

Optical Image Stabilization is a feature that reduces the blurring from the pictures which is caused by moving of the camera during exposure.

If I explain you in a simple words then Image means Pictures Stabilization means Motionless (Stable) and Optical means here you can say few lances. So now when you add the meaning of these three words then, it  will mean stop the picture which you click via your camera with the help of few lances for reducing the blur from the picture is called an OIS.

This was the thing about the images but when I talk about videos then how OIS does work. 🙂

Friends, If you want to know about the OIS facility while video recording, then you should have two smartphones, one should have an OIS camera and the other should not have an OIS.

Then launch the camera app in both the smartphones and start recording and now start walking then walking speedily, move the camera and taking videos after 1 or 2 minutes just stop and save it. Here you can see the OIS camera does better. 

The purpose of this video recording is that you can practically see that the camera which has this OIS feature, is capable of taking a very steady video.

And Optical Image Stabilization also helps in taking clear and sharp photos and videos even in low lighting. 🙂

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