10 Tips to Make Mobile Friendly Website – Step by Step

Make Mobile Friendly Website

This article of Geeabo teaches you the top 10 tips to Make Mobile Friendly Website (Ideas that works in 2020).

It is estimated that the majority of users of the top websites are mobile users, and most of the internet users make use of smartphones.

It becomes easy for people who browse the Internet using their mobile devices.

This is indeed great news for your website, and you should be able to make mobile friendly website in 2020.

A digital marketing company in Delhi guide you with the most innovative methods to create a website that caters to mobile users easily.

As per Statista, the majority of the global web traffic comes through mobile devices.

Having said this, you need to optimize your website along with content to make more traffic.

It would help you to get more SEO traffic and helps you with your conversion rates. 

So now, let us discuss about the tips to make mobile friendly website.

How to Make Mobile Friendly Website?

A mobile-friendly content means that the content appears proper not only on desktop computers by also on mobile devices.

It means that the text is easy to read, has natural links and navigation, and in general easy to access the content.

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Make Mobile Friendly Website
Responsive in all Devices.

Look at the above image.

The same content is displayed on a desktop and on two different sizes of mobile.

The primary importance of mobile-friendly websites is the ones that would fit into the screen that the users log in.

The following are a few tips to make a mobile-friendly website.

Tip 1. Install A Responsive Theme – To Make Mobile Friendly Website.

For a quick fix, consider changing your theme entirely.

For a fully established website, this is not an option but for a low traffic website or a start-up, then consider installing a brand-new responsive theme.

Choose them that best suits your website and its content.

Have a thorough check that your theme looks good on all devices.

Tip 2. Have A Simple Menu – To Make Mobile Friendly Website.

Make Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile phones are smaller than desktop or laptop screens.

Have this in mind when you design your menu options.

The menu that fits in the desktop or laptop would not be appropriate for mobile.

Everything should be brief and fit on one screen. 

Look at the above image.

Observe the way an official website fits into a mobile device and the same site that looks on a mobile.

In the first image, navigation was nearly impossible.

Users will find it difficult, and they must zoom in to see the menu and then proceed.

If this is the mobile site, you will end up losing your conversions. Look at the mobile-optimized website that is so simple.

The menus are simple, and each option fits on the screen and takes you to a clear destination.

Evaluate your current website and fit in the menus for mobile users.

Tip 3. To Make Mobile Friendly Website – Keep Forms Short.

Have a thorough understanding of the different forms that you have on your website.

If there is too much information that the visitor should fill, it might not be a practical approach.

Hence, you need to change the design to keep your website forms short.

Evaluate your forms and analyze as what are the required fields.

For example, if your form is to get users to email list subscribers, then you don’t require their contact number or residential address. So, these fields can be dropped.

As per the objective of the form, the fields should be captured.

Tip 4. Display our Call-to-action (CTA) Clearly.

For effective mobile design, your call-to-action should be prominent.

As you are dealing with mobile screens, you need not overwhelm the user with more than one CTA on the screen.

Keep in mind your goal for each landing page.

Whether your mobile website is going to get downloads, new subscribers, increase presence in Social Media or get visitors to buy something.

Your CTA should necessarily focus on these primary goals.

When you have a focus on your CTA buttons, you will advantage over your competitor.

Hence, your CTA should be easy to get in a few seconds.

Tip 5. Add a search function – To Make Mobile Friendly Website.

When you have many options, it is quite tough to include all in your menu options.

Hence, consider adding a search bar on your mobile website, as the users could search for a product when they find it tough to travel through the menu options.

When search options are available, then it reduces the need to rely on a complicated and extensive menu.

When there are many options, it will confuse the visitor.

Tip 6. Have A Customer Service In Place.

However simple and efficient your mobile website is, some people would still have an issue.

You need not panic in this as it is a part of a successful business.

But you should ensure that you can effectively and quickly help them with their issues.

Ensure that you get distinct customer support information on your mobile website.

Display your contact details and the representative to contact for any issue.

Train the representative to respond and act on the issues.

Tip 7. Take Care Of The Size Of The Image And Text.

When you navigate a website through a laptop or desktop, it is quite simple.

It is easy to control a cursor using a keypad or mouse.

But the browsing experience is different in a mobile device on a lesser inch screen.

Have this in mind when you lay out different elements of your mobile website.

Buttons should be large to be tapped using a finger.

Have enough space between buttons to ensure the smooth clicking of the buttons. 

Tip 8. To Make Mobile Friendly Website – Remove Pop-Ups.

Do not use pop-ups on your mobile website. Many people do not like pop-ups.

It is quite annoying and hampers the user experience.

In a mobile device, a pop-up gets challenging to close as well.

The small ‘X’ button to close a pop-up would be short on a mobile device. 

There could be a chance where the user would click on the ad also. If you want to make use of pop-up, the following points suggest its usage:

  • Simplify them.
  • Only make use of pop-ups when a visitor clicks.

Tip 9. To Make Mobile Friendly Website – Avoid Large Blocks of Text

Have less text on the screen of your mobile device.

Keep communication with visitors as short as possible.

Large blocks of text are quite challenging to read.

Tip 10. Make use of the right font – To Make Mobile Friendly Website.

Pick up the right font is an important design principle.

Fonts should be clear and easily readable.

Have a different font for headlines and a different one for a paragraph. 


If you do not optimize your content for mobile devices, you will end up missing traffic.

Hence ensure that you optimize your website for the mobile users.

So, this was the tips by which you can Check and then Make a Mobile Friendly Website.

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