Top 10 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Ranking In Google

This article of Geeabo teaches you about Top 10 Killer SEO Tips and tricks to boost your ranking in Google.

Top 10 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Ranking In Google

Friends, ranking your website in Google is almost every-bodies dream. But is it easy to rank in Google? What criteria should you use to rank your blog in Google?

Guys, When I started my career in Google (Online World) then, I was unaware of all these (Back links, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Ranking in search engines and all) things.

But as the time goes by I understand so many things about these.

So, today I will share my experience with you about top Killer SEO Tips to boost your Google ranking.

Friends, according to me, your own experience is the greatest thing in any field.

So, do mistakes and after that try to correct those mistakes by yourself.

Because In most of the cases when you start rising or when you start defeating someone, at that time nobody helps you.

So without wasting any time let’s get started.

Top 10 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Ranking In Google

Follow these Killer SEO Tips & Tricks to boost your blog’s ranking in Google.

1. Use Better Theme.

Firstly, You must have to choose a good looking and well coded theme.

Friends, there is so many free themes available on WordPress directory but not every one is good.

So before choosing any theme you should check rating, downloads, comments, etc.

If you have money and you can afford a premium theme then I recommend you to start your blog with a premium theme.

Because it has better support, more optimised, well coded than free, etc.

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2. Write Good Quality Content.

What you writing in your blog post is most important?

How much your visitors understand your content?

What type of words you are using in your content?

These are the most important questions on which you have to work hard to get success fast.

Don’t copy anyone’s content.

Friends, I recommend you to write your blog post using easy words so that your readers can easily understands you.

Content is king, when it comes to blogging career.

In short, Write user-friendly (easy to understandable) content, unique content, informative content and meaningful content.

3. Search Proper Keyword.

After writing a good quality content, you must search proper keywords.

Friends, Keywords are those (1 to 5) words via which you rank your article in search engine.

Why you need to search proper keywords?

Friends, You might be thinking that when I write quality content then why I need to keyword research.

So, if you want to get rank in search engines, want to get more and more organic traffic then without keyword research you can’t rank in any search engines.

Here is an article to know that how to search proper keyword.

4. On Page SEO.

After writing quality content and proper keyword researching you must have to maintain your On Page SEO.

To easily maintain on page SEO you may install plugin such as Yoast SEO or All in one SEO.

After installing any one of these, you can easily maintain the on page SEO.

5. Comment On Blog.

After following all the above criteria, you have to build back links for your website.

Back links helps you to push higher and higher your article in search engine.

When you commenting on others blog,  you must try to comment on those blog which are related to your niche.

6. Submit Your Site In Web Directories.

Friends, generally commenting on others blog gives you no-follow back links but when you submit your link to web directories it gives you do-follow back links.

Do-follow back links are better than no-follow because search engine only gives value to do-follow links.

Build Back links for your website.

This will helps you a lot to build back links for your Website.

7. Write Guest Post.

Writing guest post is an another way to create back links and to get more and more number of traffic.

Try to write posts on reputed website or whose rank is below 10 lac.

Writing guest post is an essential part of Off Page SEO.

You can also write Guest post on Geeabo.

8. Sharing Your Post on Social Sites.

Friends, after publishing your blog post, it is very important to share it on social media because social media are the best place to promote your website and get traffic.

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Create your Site’s profile on almost all popular social media and share your article on it to get traffic and improve reputation.

9. Improve Site Loading Speed.

Friends, if you want to get ranked on Google then you must care about your site’s loading speed.

If your site loads slow, Google not gives you value even if you have good SEO optimised content. So, must care about loading speed.

You can improve your site’s loading speed via installing a Cache Plugin.

10. Setup AMP For Mobile Users.

Not every body aware about AMP because AMP is a new feature of Google for mobile users.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The main motive of AMP is to give better and faster results to mobile users.

So, these are the Top 10 Killer SEO Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Ranking In Google.

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