How To Hide WhatsApp Notification In Android Phone

This article of Geeabo teaches you How To Hide WhatsApp Notification In Android Phone.

Hide WhatsApp Notification

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Friends, if you are irritate with your WhatsApp notification then I have a solution to easily hide WhatsApp notification in your android device. Some time if you are spending time with your friends and you need to turn on your data connection to run an another app and still you don’t want to show any WhatsApp notification to them then I have a perfect solution for this.

How To Hide WhatsApp Notification In Android

Simply follow the steps to hide WhatsApp notification in your android.

1. Go to android Settings.

2. Now tap on Apps under Device section.


3. Now scroll down and tap on WhatsApp app.

Choose whatsapp

4. Tap on Notifications.


5. Turn on the first option Block all.

Block Notification

So this was the whole process to hide WhatsApp notification in your Android phone

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