Easy Way To Hide Apps On Android Device (with Pictures)

Easy Way To Hide Apps On Android Device. There maybe a number of reasons why you want to hide apps on android device. So, Today in this article I will tell you that how can you hide apps in your android phone.

Maybe that’s the reason –

  1. To improve your Smartphones look,
  2. There may be some apps that you do not want to show to everyone,
  3. You may not want to keep too many apps in your phone’s app drawer, etc.

You can hide apps using launchers. If you don’t know that what is launcher app. Let me tell you about the launcher app in short.

What is Launcher?

Launcher app is an app which helps you to customise your android’s home screen, app drawer, allow gestures, hide apps and much more. But the default launcher which comes with your official android version is not customisable.

There is a lot of launcher apps which you can get directly from the Google Play Store. But I recommend you to install Nova Launcher. Because Nova launcher is comes with a lot of new features. And one thing more that the developers update the launcher regularly.

But Friends, whatever the reason, it does not matter. 🙂

So, Let’s Get Started…

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Hide Apps On Android Device

Easy Way To Hide Apps On Android Device (with Pictures)

First you have to install a launcher app in your android device. I personally use Nova Launcher app but this is a paid app. So you can also use Apex Launcher for Hiding Apps.


#Step 1. Go to Google Play Store and search “Apex Launcher” and install it then click on “Open”.

Step 1

#Step 2. Now go to Settings > Home > Select Apex Launcher. Or Click on the Home button using soft key then select Apex Launcher and tap on Always.

Step 2

#Step 3. Click on Apex Settings > Drawer settings > Hidden apps.

Step 3

#Step 4. Select those apps which you want to hide from the app drawer.

Step 4

#Step 5. Now Click on Save.

Step 5

So friends, this was the whole process To Hide Apps On Android Device.

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