How to Free Download Windows 10 Insider Preview?

Free Download Windows 10

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In my previous post, I had already mentioned The Difference between Windows 10 Insider Preview and Windows 10 Final Release.

Free Download Windows 10

What is Windows Insider Preview?

So friends, Windows Insider is a free program by Microsoft. And Microsoft release this insider preview for testing for developers.
This is an open software testing program and anyone can download and install this insider preview.

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So, Lets get Started

How to Free Download Windows 10 Insider Preview?

First of all, You need to open your browser in your PC.
And now, Go to the official website of Window Insider after that  you will come to the Home page of windows insider preview.
Now for joining the program click on “Get Started” Button from the left.
After that you will come to the Sign in page. And here, you need a Microsoft account.
If you already have a Microsoft account then put your ID in Text Field and click on next and put your password and then click on sign in or if you do not have a Microsoft account then click on Create one.
After completely sign in to your Microsoft account.
Scroll down and go to Get Started Section and choose any one option on the left of the screen.
1. Windows 10 Insider Preview and
2. Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview.

So, click on first one that is Windows 10 Insider Preview.
After Clicking on first option you will come to a new window, just simply scroll down and click on

“Get Windows 10” button.

And after Clicking on Get Windows 10 then you will come to another new window.
Here, you need to go to Windows Insider Preview menu on the top and click on Windows 10 Insider Preview.
Now, you will come to Download Page. Here you need to simply Select Edition click on Confirm now wait for a second and then Select the product language (Normally English United Kingdom) and click on Confirm.
After clicking on Confirm You will come to the last page here Click on 32 bit or 64 bit according to your PC configuration.
Finally,  you will be able to see that your Windows file will start downloading.
And after Completing the Download, insert a USB flash drive or DVD to paste the ISO file.

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