How to Enable VoLTE in 4G or LTE Android Phone?

Enable VoLTE in 4G Phone

How can we Enable VoLTE in 4G Phone?, Can LTE be changed to VoLTE?, Does my phone supports 4G? Whether Jio will run on my phone?, Can we Enable LTE in any 3G phone?
I know that you have a lot of questions regarding this.
Today I will try to solve all your these problems.

Enable VoLTE

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So Friends, First of all we need to know that What is LTE & VoLTE?

What is LTE?

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a wireless 4G network that was created by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).
And the purpose to build this network was that they could give their customers 10 times faster speed than 3G, in smartphones, in tablets, in laptops, and in wireless hotspot.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is abbreviation of Voice over Long Term Evolution. 
If we understand in simple terms then the VoLTE is a bigger form of LTE.
Through LTE we can not do voice call but with VoLTE we can call and without data balance.

How to know whether my phone has 4G support or not?

You must have any 4G Enabled SIM card for this. Put the SIM in your phone and go to the settings of the phone and look in the mobile network that there is an option to LTE or not. If you are getting an LTE option then your phone supports 4G. There are so many 4G phones inside which there is a VoLTE support, but there are also many such phones which are 4G phones but not supported by VoLTE.

Let’s come to the point I will answer you almost all your questions.

1.  How Can we Enable VoLTE in 4G Phone?

So Friends, enabling VoLTE is not a part of hardware so in most of the cases we can enable VoLTE in 4G Phone.
You can check either your phone supports VoLTE or not by going to Setting > More > Mobile Network.

If this is not help you then try to update your software by going to Setting > About Phone > software Update.

Or follow this step Open your dialer and type *#*#4636#*#* then Choose Phone information option from testing Screen then you can Enable VoLTE Support Provisioned Flag and now Restart your device and now you can see 4G LTE option under Mobile Network and friends this will activated unlimited HD Voice Calls.

2. Can LTE be changed to VoLTE?

Same Question friends. 🙂 Go to my first answer.

3. Whether Jio SIM will run on my phone?

Yes, You can run Jio SIM in any Android Phone but if the phones hardware supports 4G network and if the the Company provides Software Update to VoLTE.

4. Can we Enable LTE in any 3G phone?

So many bloggers, rumors says that by doing this, by doing that you can enable LTE in 3G Phone. but the fact is that you can not enable LTE in 3G phones because of their Hardware

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