How to Download WhatsApp Status – Photos and Videos

This article of Geeabo teaches you, How to Download WhatsApp Status – Photos and Videos.

How to Download WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status Download.

Friends, many times this happens that you like someone’s status, either it is an image or a video.

But there is no any perfect option to download the status.

I know that this is not a good thing to download someone’s status without his/her permission.

But if your intention is not wrong then I think it is not that bad to download it.

If it is an image then you can take a screenshot but if it is a video then? What?

Yes, you can ask them to send that image or videos to your ID.

But I think, this is not a perfect solution.

Sometimes it happens that someone uploaded a video but you cannot ask them for that video.

But still, you want that media.

There is a lot of apps available on the web for downloading the WhatsApp status.

But these are not good enough.

Sometimes they work and sometimes doesn’t.

And almost all these apps irritate you because of their ads.

But friends, developers do a lot to create an app and after creating the app, they provide it to you for free.

So, friends, ads are the last way to generate some revenue for their hard work.

So, now without wasting any more time lets know how to Download WhatsApp Status?

Download WhatsApp Status – Photos and Videos

Simply follow the few easy steps to Download WhatsApp Status easily.

#1. Go to the App Drawer.

#2. Tap on File Manager or File Explorer. If you can’t find or if you do not have the app then Go to Play Store and download ES File Explorer and open it.

Install ES File

So, here in this guide, I’m gonna using ES File Explorer because everyone has different File Managers on their devices.

You can easily find and download ES File Explorer.

Open ES File

#3. Now tap on the Internal Storage.

Now swipe from left. And on the “Show hidden files” option.

Show hidden files

#4. Now scroll down and open WhatsApp folder.

WhatsApp Folder

#5. Then tap on Media folder under WhatsApp folder.

Media Folder

#6. Now tap on “.Statuses” folder.


#7. In the “.Statuses” folder, you can find all the current Images and Videos which are running in your WhatsApp Status. If you have not downloaded or seen the status of someone then it will also not showing in the “.Statuses” folder.

In other words, only seen Status (photos or videos) is available on the “.Statuses” folder.

And one more thing that if the status is removed by someone from their WhatsApp Status then it will also not shown you in the “.Statuses” folder.

#8. Now select the photos and videos which you want to save or download then tap on copy or move.

#9. After taping on copy or move, now come back to the main location.


#10. And now paste it where you want to save.


Hope this will helps you to Download WhatsApp Status.


So, friends, as you can see that it is very easy to Download WhatsApp Status on your android device.

Please do not download if your intention is wrong.

I Share this method with you because I want that you can also download and save good thoughts on your device, inspirational videos or photos and make your life better than before.

So, this was the process to Download WhatsApp Status On Almost Any Android Phone.

If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article, then feel free to ask me in the comment box below.

After helping you, I feel very happy.

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