Top 20 Dofollow Edu and Gov Backlinks List for SEO 2018

This article of Geeabo teaches you about Top 20 Dofollow Edu and Gov Backlinks List for SEO 2018.

edu and gov backlinks list

Friends, edu and gov are the sponsored top level domain in the domain name system of the internet. And friends many users keep visiting on these websites. So, if you can get backlinks from these websites then your website’s search ranking improves a lot. And your new blog posts or pages index quickly on search engines.

What are .edu Websites?

The domain name .edu is a top-level domain of the Internet. The name .edu is derived from education. New registrants to the domain have been required to be United States-affiliated institutions of higher education.

The .edu domain was created for educational institutions. However, most of the institutions uses .edu domain in the United States.

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What are .gov Websites?

The name .gov is also a sponsored top level domain name in the domain name system of the internet.

And this domain is used by the government of United States. The .gov domain is administered by General Service Administration (GSA).

To be honest, creating backlink from edu and gov websites are very difficult. But if you are able to get backlinks from those websites then it really helps you a lot in increasing your search ranking and your blog’s value.

Top 20 Dofollow Edu and Gov Backlinks List for SEO 2018

So, These are the top 20 dofollow Edu and Gov Backlinks List For SEO 2018.


  1. Oregonstate.
  2. Honors Arizona
  3. Uta
  4. Ksdt Ucsd
  5. Blog Lib
  6. Fsec Ucf
  7. Green Chem
  8. Law Harvard
  9. Hunstem
  10. Ilab Usc
  11. UPZMG
  12. Dbwebcat


  1. Libraries Blogs Delaware.
  2. Calepa.
  3. NICIC.
  4. Samhsa
  5. Primrose
  6. Rib US Courts
  7. Zakupki
  8. NNLM

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