Delay in Hosting Renewal | Suspended Message | 2018

This article of Geeabo teaches you that  How to fix Suspended Message is Coming Due to Delay In Hosting Renewal.

Delay In Hosting Renewal

Friends, one of my domain hosting expires on 28th of each month but this time I got late because I forget to renew.

And on 29th when I remembered that I did not renew the hosting plan then I open my Laptop and check my site.

And I found an error on my page.

I saw that my website was suspended.

And I get worried after reading all the stuff.

Because this has happened first time with me.

Let’s know what did I do to fix it.

Fix – Suspended Message is Coming Due to Delay In Hosting Renewal.

Friends, when I was stuck here, I go to my hosting account page and log in to it.

Then I suddenly go to the List of Products and click on Domain Hosting and renew it.

But still, I face the same problem. “Suspended”.

My mind was not working that what should I have to do now?

So, then I felt that now I should call the customer care center.

And During the call, they were told me that there is a problem with your SSL certificate.

So, kindly check your SSL.

And because I did not take the SSL certificate from the company from which I had been taken the hosting.

They did not give me any support.

Now what I would do? I had no choice but to wait.

So really guys, I wait for half an hour and then I see that my site loads successfully without any problem.

So, I recommend you to wait If you have the delay in hosting renewal.

In other words, If your last date to renew the domain hosting is 20th and you have renewed it on 21st or 22nd. Then you may have to face such a problem. Like – Suspended.

So, simply wait for half an hour and after, your website load correctly.


This is not very difficult to fix.

But if this happens to you then it is not good.

Even it happens to nay one is not good.

Because it reduces your traffic.

Yes, I know this may happen sometime but try to renew your hosting before its last date.

And, if this happens again and again then your visitor not like your blog.

They found your blog unstable.

So, I recommend you to renew your domain and hosting before its last date.

At last, this is not a very big deal. Afterall we are all human beings and we can make mistakes but we have to learn from them.

So, this was the process to fix Suspended Message is Coming Due to Delay In Hosting Renewal.

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