Customize Smartphones Using Best Android Launcher and Apps

Customize Smartphones Using Best Android Launcher and AppsMany users get annoyed by the look of their unusable stock android so they think that how can we change our Android device look? Can we change it or not?, Easy or Tough?, etc. Dear Friends, Let me tell you that this is very easy to Customize Smartphones Using Best Android Launcher and using some other android apps. And I recommend you to Read our previous article about How to Flash Samsung Stock Rom Almost Every Samsung Devices.

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Customize Smartphones Using Best Android Launcher and Apps.

Hey Friends, There is a lot of ways to customise your Android Smartphones to looks better than before. Simply read the article to know how to change your old smartphones look to the latest android smartphones look.

For this you have to download and install some android apps from the Google Play Store. There is so many apps available in the Google Play Store but there is few apps and tricks what I personally use and that I recommend you.

I know that this is very simple and many of you use this too but try this because little different. 🙂 I recommend you do again it really customize your android very beautifully.

  1. Reset your android device to Factory Reset for a fresh start.
  2. Update All the installed Apps to the Latest Version from Play Store and uninstall/disable those apps which are useless for you for looks like a bloatware free and clutter free android experience.
  3. Download and Install Nova Launcher Prime. After installation complete Go to Setting – Home – and select Nova Launcher as default launcher. Friends this is a paid application but a free version of this app is also available in the Play Store. In the paid version there is some extra features like – Gestures, Group and Hide Apps, Dock swipe, More Scroll Effects, etc.
  4. Try to use Apps by Google Inc. because it gives Pure Android experience.
  5. Download a Wallpaper App to looks your android device great. I personally use Tapet So, I recommend you use Tapet. You can also use Wallpaper by Google Inc.
  6. I do not recommend you to install too many apps because it slow down your device.

After doing this few and simple things with your smartphone you really feel your android device better than ever.

Note : Use this method in Android 5.0 or above because these features works better in Lollipop or above.

Hope you like this article about Customize Smartphones Using Best Android Launcher and you have learn something new with the help of this article.

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