What is the Blue Whale Game Challenge? The Killer Game

What is the Blue Whale Game Challenge? The Killer Game. So many of you are playing various games in your mobile phones and laptops but have you heard about the Blue Whale/The Secret House/Wake up at 4:20 am game? I am not promoting this article. The purpose of this article is to make you aware that this is an extravagant and dangerous game. So, Please Stay away from this game.

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Blue Whale Game Challenge

What is the Blue Whale Game Challenge? The Killer Game.

Friends, Over the past few days, we all are listening a lot about the Blue Whale Game. Mostly the game are discussed by the teenagers. And friends, this is a game that can harm you. In Russia, more than 130 teenagers have committed suicide after playing this game.

Friends, this game starts with challenges. Initially you will be given easy challenges like

  1. You have to watch a horror movie.
  2. You have to get up in the night 4:20

And similarly you will get an awkward challenge. That’s why startup seems to be a basic challenge and afterwards you will be given a challenge which will say that you have to draw a whale with any sharp objects like blade on your hands.

And then gradually the challenges will be difficult and the challenge which will come on the 50th day or the final day that will say that you have to commit suicide. And there is one more point in this game that says that you can not quit from the game. It says that I know everything about you and if you quit the game, we will injure you and your family. And after seeing all this, the children think that now we do not have any other option. Now I have to commit suicide. This game targets those people who are emotionally or mentally broken or who have lost their balance and in such a situation, those people are getting trapped in this game.

Stay Away from Blue Whale Game Challenge

If you are a parent then please take care of your children, what do they do? What is the activity of their whole day?
If you are a student? If you are a teenager, then I request you to stay away from these such games.

Friends even I also don’t know the exact thing about this game but one thing I definitely know that this is a very dangerous and injurious game. And I would like to say that you should stay away from this game. However, everything about this game has not yet been cleared. So far the research is going on.

Friends, this is not fun. Although I do not even understand how people are getting stuck in this game. But this is the fact. And the good news is that the inventor of this game Philipp Budeikin have been arrested.

Hope you guys found this article informative “What is the Blue Whale Game Challenge? The Killer Game” and you have learned something with the help of this article. Please Do Share this article so that more and more people can avoid playing this game.

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